Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Elegant and minimalist, our stainless steel wall mounted soap dispenser holder declutters your worktops and cohesively works with the style of your space. Functional, adjustable and durable, our wall mounted soap dispensers can be used to store and pump the product of your choice. 

All wall mounted soap dispensers can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of bottles heights and effortlessly integrate with your space! 

Wall Mounted Dispensers From Kuishi

Here at Kuishi, we believe in quality designs that promote sustainability and conscious choices for our environment and the world we live in, but without compromising on aesthetics. Our unique amber glass bottles and wall mounted bottle holders help to reduce plastic packaging and waste. Stylishly show off products in a commercial setting or your home with our ergonomic, elegant designs.

Perfect for holding bottles of hand or body wash in hotel bathrooms, retail spaces, spas, offices and your home. Choose from single, double and triple capacity wall mounted soap dispensers to suit your style and needs. If you’re looking for a neat lineup of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in guest rooms or just want to give your bathroom that luxury hotel room vibe, opt for the larger wall mounted bottle holders. But if you’re just looking to save space in your small space, offer hand sanitiser around your store or at discrete, unintrusive stations around your commercial environment, then perhaps choose the smaller, single mounted dispensers. 

Available in regular and large bottle sizes, Kuishi’s wall mounted dispenser solutions ensure you can optimise even the smallest spaces available. The minimalist design is practical and does not interrupt your decor. Our wall mounted bottle holders are adjustable and fit a variety of different sizes, including Kuishi Amber and Clear Soap Dispenser Bottles, and brands such as Aesop, Meraki and Molton Brown.

All our wall mounted bottle holders are made from the highest quality 304 certified stainless steel. We’re so confident you will love topping up rather than replacing your bottles as well as the practical, decluttering benefits of our dispensers that come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects for your satisfaction. 

Regular Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers 

Available in single, double and triple capacities and to hold bottles 250ml – 500ml. 

Large Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers 

Available in single and double capacities and to hold 1000ml bottles.