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Custom Printed Dispensers

Custom Labelling: The Difference is in the Detail

Today, businesses are becoming more sustainable, innovative, and consumer-led. With so much healthy competition, it’s essential to go the extra mile to stand out in the crowd.

A strong brand, visuals, and messaging can make your products more appealing, build trust, and create loyalty among customers.
At Kuishi, our unwavering belief is that meticulous attention to detail is the key to success.

What are the benefits of a custom printed dispenser

When you're on holiday, you spend more time relaxing in the shower or bath, appreciating and reading the bottles and products offered by your hotels and spas. These bottles are the ideal canvas for displaying your messaging and design in an eco-friendly and beautiful manner. Our high-quality prints have been utilised in some of the world's most luxurious spas, with many providing branded bottled soaps as souvenirs to clients who wish to take a memory or bit of luxury home with them.

We can add your branding to our sustainable soap dispensers to create those small moments of delight that leave your customers with a positive and lasting impression of your brand. Several of our customers have stated that our dispensers are one of the top three most talked-about elements in guest rooms.

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How much does it cost for a custom soap dispenser?

Many elements affect the cost of a dispenser, including how many colors are used in the design and the quantity available. There are also some initial one-off costs. Below are some examples of typical costs.

Screen Originations

Each colour you use in your design requires a screen origination. These are £75+ VAT. These are one-off charges, and the originations can be used to re-print in the future.

Printing Costs 

Start from £1.50 per unit for a single colour, but can reduce depending on the quantity ordered.  

Is there a minimum order quantity.

There is a minimum order quantity of 150 units. Any less than this a £150 small order fee is applied.

How long does printing take?  

As soon as we have your design and payment, it takes between 6-8 weeks for your prints to be completed. 

Do you design our custom print?

We do not carry out design work. You will need to consult with a designer.

We require your final design in an AI (above Illustrator) format with outlines converted to shapes.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, we can provide a one-off sample of your design for £150 + Vat.

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