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Our selection of soap dispensers and glass storage will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and help you find happiness in the items you own, through reducing waste and creating clutter-free spaces

New Foaming Dispensers

Ideal for pre-mixed foaming solutions such as liquid hand wash, foaming hand sanitiser, facial cleanser, shaving cream, castile soap, and other suitable household and cosmetic products. Alternatively, create your own foaming hand soap by mixing 5 parts water to one part liquid soap.


Selection of Kuishi amber glass refillable hand sanitiser dispenser with stainless steel pumps

your space. Our simple glass soap dispenser with stainless steel pump will transform your space

Soap dispensers mounted on the wall next to bathroom sink in modern washroom

and create clutter free spaces using wall mounted soap dispenser holders designed to fit most bottle types.

Amber Brown Glass Toothbrush Holder Tumbler

with simple glass storage solutions for holding anything from spices to your toothbrush

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See how people are using kuishi soap dispensers and glass storage solutions around the world to create natural and functional spaces

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