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Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Elegant and minimalist, our stainless steel wall-mounted soap dispensers declutter your worktops and cohesively work with your space's style. Functional, adjustable, and durable.

If you are looking for a robust, refillable dispenser, look no further.

Find just holders here.

Wall Mounted Dispensers for Luxury Bathrooms

Enhance the luxurious and modern feel of your bathroom with our exquisitely designed wall-mounted soap dispensers. Elevate your hand-washing experience to a spa-like level every time you use them.

Our wall-mounted soap dispensers have received rave reviews from our satisfied customers. They love how these soap dispensers declutter their countertop space, making their bathroom look more organized and sophisticated. Say goodbye to messy soap scum and hello to a clutter-free bathroom.

Make your bathtime routine more indulgent and luxurious by placing our soap dispensers near your bath or use them for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in your shower for a spa-like experience at home. Our soap dispensers are versatile and perfect for any bathroom.

Wall mounted soap dispensr review

Advantages of our wall mounted soap dispensers

Our dispensers are constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel and are 2mm thick. This ensures that they are long-lasting and sturdy and that they won't rust in damp conditions.

Benefits of installing our soap dispensers

  • The glass pump bottle unscrews for easy refilling to help you reduce costs and plastic packaging waste.
  • It securely holds the dispenser.
  • It contains all the fixtures and fitting to fit them to your wall.
  • The holder is fully adjustable, so you can fit any size bottle if required.
  • A 2-year warranty.
Gold Single Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

How to install the soap dispensers to our wall mount

Each wall-mount dispenser includes an extra-long Allen key for unscrewing the security bolts and adjusting the height of the mount. Dispensers can be readily installed or removed once they have been lowered. The screws can be tightened to secure the dispenser, preventing it from being removed.

Choosing the Right Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers

If you want to keep your bathroom organised and hygienic, commercial wall-mounted liquid soap dispensers are the perfect solution. By installing a hand soap dispenser wall mount, you'll have easy access to soap with minimal clutter. With such a wide range of options available, it's important to consider all aspects carefully before making your purchase. This guide will outline some of the things to consider when searching for the right wall-mounted soap dispensers for your space.

Benefits of using wall-mounted soap dispensers

Wall-mounted soap dispensers are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces and homes due to their hygienic and practical benefits. Being able to attach it directly to a wall avoids potential slips, trips or falls that can occur when using free-standing dispensers. Additionally, it provides a neat and professional look, as well as freeing up space on countertops and tables that can be used for other purposes. Whether it's a home or business setting, wall-mounted soap dispensers offer a reliable and efficient solution that is sure to deliver a safe and pleasant experience.

Types of Wall-Mounted Soap DispensersManual hand pump wall-mounted

These are common and are seen as more reliable. Look for pumps that have a warranty and are made from quality materials.

Automatic soap dispenser wall-mounted

Automatic-mounted dispensers are good for hands-free dispensing but require batteries, which will need replacing. If the mechanics break, you may need to replace it entirely.

Extendable soap dispenser wall mounted

Being able to extend or adjust your dispenser is good, as you can find a wide variety of dispensers. Holders from some brands are specific sizes so if you decide to move to a different brand of soap, the bottle may not fit. This will cost you extra money.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser

Weather you need commercial soap dispensers or for your home the considerations are pretty much the same

Installation and Mounting

There are many ways to mount dispensers. Some come with special glues or sealants that allow mounting without screws. Be careful though as sealants don't work on all surfaces. We recommend always using screws where available.

Standard 2-year warranty

Typically like most things you get what you pay for. Better quality wall-mounted, soap dispensers will be made from Stainless Steel. Look for 304-grade stainless steel. This will prevent them from rusting over time. Cheaper ones will be plated and generally made from a lesser-grade stainless steel. All our holders are made from 2mm 304 stainless steel, and you can feel the quality. Always look for a warranty. Better quality products will have at least 12 months. A Kuishi-mounted dispenser comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

Design, Aesthetics and Ease of Use

Some liquid dispenser holders come without a base and are simple in design. These are often cheaper but not as secure and if come loose, can fall from the holder. For more security look for a dispenser that has a secure base and can be easily adjusted. Kuishi

  1. Look for the best quality. It will last you twice as long.
  2. Does it extend to fit a wide variety of dispensers? If not, look for one that does.
  3. Materials: Look for stainless steel
  4. Warranty: the longer, the better quality
  5. Finish and aesthetics look for a well-designed mounted dispenser that looks great.

What are the benefits of choosing a suitable wall-mounted soap dispenser?

Choosing the right one will save you time and money. It will last for years, look great, and is flexible in use. Check out our Kuishi mounted dispensers which have all of the listed benefits of a great wall-mounted soap dispenser.

Frequently asked questions about wall mounted soap dispensers

Are mounted soap dispensers worth it?

We think investing in a quality mounted dispenser is worth getting as they prevent unwanted removal of the product, keep your space clear and can look great.

Can you put a soap dispenser in the bathroom?

Yes, absolutely, it's probably the most common place to pup one alongside public areas and your kitchen.

Why is my wall-mounted soap dispenser not working?

If it's automatic, the batteries may be flat or gone. If not, the mechanism may be broken. If it's a pump, check to see if the pump is not clogged. Simply washing it with warm water should fix the issue. Also, check the pump is on tight. Most pumps require suction. If the pump is not screwed on properly, it may not work.

What is the best wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser?

Without trying to be biased, Kuishi dispensers are some of the best quality in the market. We make them from thick 2mm stainless steel; they are fully adjustable to fit a variety of bottles, come with a two-year warranty, plus look great, too.

How high should I install my wall-mounted dispenser?

The height at which a wall-mounted soap dispenser should be installed can depend on whether it's in a commercial/public space or home, who the primary users will be and where it's being installed. Here are our recommended guidelines:

Fitting Heights for Showers and where the user is usually stood up.
  • User Accessibility: In a private home, the height should be determined based on the comfort and accessibility of the primary users. Typically, placing the dispenser around 40 to 50 inches (101 to 127 cm) from the floor is a comfortable height for most adults.
  • Children's Accessibility: If children will be using it, consider installing it lower, around 20 to 30 inches (50 to 76 cm) from the floor, or consider their height and reach.
  • Countertop/Sink installation heightPractical Height: Regardless of the location, the dispenser should also be mounted at a height where it is practical and comfortable to use, generally around 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) above the top of the sink or countertop.
Disabled Wheel Chair installation height.
  • When installing a wall-mounted soap dispenser intended for use by an individual in a wheelchair, a placeMoreover, the dispenser should be placed in a location where it can be easily reached by a person sitting in a wheelchair, without the need to twist or strain. Dispensers should be installed in a location where they can be reached with minimal forward reach for those seated in wheelchairs, especially if they have to reach over a counter or sink.
    • The dispenser should not be higher than 48 inches (122 cm) above the floor if the reach is over an obstruction (like a countertop or sink).
    • If there is no obstruction, the maximum height should not exceed 54 inches (137 cm) above the floor.
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