Wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers

Wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers that are suitable for hand sanitiser and alcohol gel. Our range of wall-mounted sanitiser dispensers create a clean aesthetic in any interior space. A beautiful alternative to plastic dispensers that are easy to install to any flat surface. The pump bottles unscrew for easy refilling, helping reduce plastic waste.

  1. Make sure the area you intend to fix the holder is clean and dry.
  2. Remove the holder from the box. Place the holder in the desired position and mark the position of the screw holes. Drill using an appropriate tool, fit the raw plug and attach the holder to the wall using the screws provided.
  3. You can also use a good quality adhesive to affix the holder to a surface.

Please note we recommend that you seek a professional to install your wall-mounted sanitiser dispenser. You may require a different type of raw plug than the standard one provided depending on the surface you are attaching it to