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Frosted Amber Spray Bottle
Frosted Amber Spray Bottle

Frosted Amber Spray Bottle

Introducing our Frosted Amber Matt Spray Bottle - the perfect blend of form and function. This elegant glass bottle not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but also contributes to a sustainable future with its 45% recycled glass composition. The BPA-free plastic trigger offers both fine mist and stop functions, ensuring precise control for any task.

Available with a white or black trigger.

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Elevate your home or workspace with our Frosted Amber Matt Spray Bottle, a sophisticated and eco-conscious addition to your cleaning and misting routine. Crafted from 45% recycled glass, this bottle not only enhances the aesthetics of your environment but also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

The bottle's frosted amber finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves a functional purpose. It shields your stored liquids from harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and potency. Whether you're using it for worktop cleaners, indoor plant misting, or any other application, this bottle ensures your liquids stay in top condition.

The heart of this spray bottle lies in its innovative trigger design. Crafted from BPA-free plastic, the trigger not only offers fine mist and stop functions but also features a unique pressure regulation system. This system maintains a minimum pressure of 3 bar inside the trigger head, guaranteeing an effective and consistent spray pattern. Say goodbye to uneven sprays and hello to precision and efficiency.

But that's not all - we've gone the extra mile to make this spray bottle ergonomic and user-friendly. The molded trigger fits comfortably around your fingers, reducing the pressure required to spray. This thoughtful design minimizes hand strain, making it ideal for extended use, such as commercial cleaning tasks.

In summary, our Frosted Amber Matt Spray Bottle is more than just a functional tool – it's a statement of style and sustainability. Whether you're using it for daily cleaning or tending to your beloved indoor plants, this bottle delivers both beauty and performance. Elevate your cleaning and misting experience with this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing spray bottle today.

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