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Fives Ways to Zero Waste

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle can seem overwhelming, but it’s certainly not impossible. Like any goal in life, it’s all about taking consistent steps until you form a habit. 

You don’t have to do everything together. Try one thing and then another and so forth, and before you know it, you’ll see several sustainable shifts in your lifestyle. 

Conscious Consumption

Do you want it, or do you need it? Take a moment to consider why you’re buying it. It can be tempting to jump on every new trend in fashion, gadgets, or games. Before you jump onto a trend, ask yourself: “Will I want this item a year from now?” It might just be a fad that will pass in no time. The less you consume, the less there will be to waste.

Treasures in Your Home 

Our homes are treasure troves! Check around your home and see what you already have that can minimise wastage. Use empty glasses to store dry foods, pump bottles to store liquid soap and creams, and consume your leftovers instead of throwing them out.

Eliminate Single-Use

Audit your trash. No, not a full-blown company audit! Keep a simple seven-day chart on the fridge and make a note of what you’re throwing out after just a single use. Common culprits will be plastic utensils, water bottles, straws, and food packaging. Try replacing the items with reusable ones. For instance, swap plastic water bottles with a reusable one – there are thousands on the market in every shape, size, and colour!

Refill Revolution 

Ditch the big clunky plastic bottles in the beauty isles and join the refill revolution. Places such as The Body Shop allow you to refill your favourite haircare and body care products, whilst Molton Brown has launched a new hand refill collection in a bid to ditch wasteful plastic. 

Reusable Bags

Always opt for reusable items, especially bags. Studies show that an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide every year. Replacing them in our day-to-day lives is one of the quickest and easiest changes towards zero waste living. Investing in a few reusable bags for your shopping can make such a difference. Inexpensive, long-lasting, stylish, and sustainable – what’s not to love about them!

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