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Soap Dispensers

Kuishi soap dispensers provide the ultimate style and practical solution for your space. Savor your counter space, stick to your aesthetic and promote sustainable, conscious practices with elegant glass soap dispensers, suitable for bathrooms, and commercial spaces.

Refill with your favorite soap, skincare, or conscious products to reduce plastic packaging waste. Our elegant, ergonomic bottles are the perfect solution and compliment any aesthetic.

Glass Soap Dispensers for Every Space

Kuishi glass soap dispensers are intentionally designed to fit in with every style and space. Our elegant collection of hand soap dispensers is perfect for spas, hotels, restaurants, stores, office spaces, and homes. Create a cohesive look throughout your home by using the dispensers in your kitchen for liquid dishwashing soap and hand lotion. Fill another with a hand sanitizer and leave it on the table in your front entryway. Even the simplest touches such as using the same style of amber, black or clear glass dispensers in every space in your home or retail space will make it feel more cohesive and put together.

Whether you are looking to bring elegance, simplicity, or peace to your home, business, or office space, our collection is just what you need.

Our beautiful collection of glass dispensers and bottles is the perfect addition to any space.

Kitchen and Bathroom

For a clean, chic feel, consider storing your dishwashing soap and hand lotion in our amber glass rectangle bottle with a stainless-steel pump. Or, if you like to see the soap through the glass, our clear glass bottle soap dispenser with stainless steel pump is perfect for you. You can purchase your soap in bulk and refill it when it gets low so you can avoid purchasing smaller plastic bottles.


If you love having lavender oils next to your bed to spray on your pillow for a night of sound sleep, our glass spray bottle or even our travel bottles are a beautiful way to display your oils and spray on your bedside table instead of displaying generic plastic bottles. The beautiful glass is not only a beautiful touch for your bedroom but is also more sustainable and friendly for our environment.

Commercial Soap Dispensers

If you own a spa, hotel, boutique clothing store, or any other retail space, Kuishi’s collection of glass soap dispensers and bottles is ideal for displaying soaps, sanitizers, hand creams, massage oils, and more in the most luxurious yet straightforward way. We designed these bottles to be timeless, classic, and beautiful for every space while helping people to be more mindful of the products they bring into their homes and retail spaces.

Details Matter

At Kuishi, we believe that the smallest details mean the most! That is why we designed the collection of glass soap dispensers to be simple, cohesive, and beautiful. Shop our collection of chic amber and brown glass bottles, designed exclusively by Kuishi. Or, for more fun pop, shop our collection of colored glass bottles. No matter your personal style and décor, something from our collection will speak to you!

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