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We created this business to protect the environment from single-use plastic waste, most notably to help the hospitality industry deal with the mountains of waste they create yearly. Through the supply and use of guests toiletries, thousands of small plastic tubes are generated every year and disposed of in landfill, representing a classic linear process. Make, use once then throw away.

Building a product to replace this linear system comes with its own production challenges in order to ensure our own waste, component selections and delivery method are all in keeping with our sustainability philosophy. It is our hope that through our current practices and future projects, we will play a significant role in taking care of the natural environment by educating our staff and suppliers to ensure that they make a difference however small.

We have set about this approach with three key areas in mind People, Product, Planet.


We are actively involved in conserving resources, reducing waste and pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes.

We understand our products need to be responsibly sourced from as near as possible and to this end we source over 70% of our components and packaging from within the UK. During the course of our business operations, we minimise all waste streams and use plastic-free packaging for our entire product range, which helps our clients to reduce their waste to landfill. Every effort is taken to find materials from sustainable sources and particularly ones that enhance biodiversity and natural habitats


Our whole business is built around one key product ‘Glass’ and for good reason.  Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material and a great alternative to plastic, with no fossil fuels used in its production. Glass is fragile so transportation is key to safe delivery and so we reuse cardboard packing for this role.

 We have invested in finding glassware from both within the UK and Europe reducing the need to ship longer distances from Asia and thus reducing transportation costs and lowering our carbon footprint.  

 We have chosen distribution partners that are centrally located in Manchester England and Chambery France so our products travel short distances again reducing our carbon output. Products that we can only source outside of the UK we ship by Sea to reduce impact on the environment.  


We use our brand to inspire and affect positive change

We do this via our social media, inspiring individuals to ditch single plastic bottles that store soaps and creams and move to a refill future.  Using social media in this way helps to create a sense of well-being and create public awareness which is essential to drive positive change in society.

 Inspiring people to reduce single use plastics in the home will help change what they expect from the companies they buy from, the hotels they visit or the places they work.  

 The efforts to preserve and conserve the environment, within our means, is an ongoing commitment and dedication to doing what we know is beneficial not only to our natural surroundings but to the success of the company, our staff, our community, the people we do business with and the people that we provide service to.

We Support Tree Planting Projects

We have partnered with Ecologi, and have helped with projects from Forest restoration in Kenya, Mangrove planting at Kandrany, Madagascar, and supported Saving Endemic Moroccan Fruit Tree Species in Morroco.

Visit our profile here for details of how and what projects we support.

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