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Apothecary Jars

Declutter and bring order to your home with our beautiful glass apothecary. jars Give your special items home and add a stylish touch to any contemporary space. Kuishi apothecary jars are available in a choice of sizes and have a variety of uses.

Perfect for storing, propagating plants, as a vase or diffuser, or as interior decor or storing household items.



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About Kuishi Apothecary Jars

Unlike other small storage solutions and containers, Kuishi’s collection of clear and amber glass jars allows you to organise and decorate your space consciously and stylishly. Line up and curate your collection of glass apothecary jars, ideal for rustic, open bathroom shelving, traditional kitchen and food storage or as contemporary, eco-friendly decor items throughout your home.

Kuishi’s beautiful glass jar designs are popular with commercial outlets and businesses. The unique colour, coupled with the functionality and sleek design, helps to promote a unique atmosphere. Choose from multiple size and style options to suit your needs in either amber or clear glass to suit your aesthetics. Large jars are perfect for small household plants, home candles or storing more oversized items, whereas the smaller sizes are ideal, stylish glass bathroom storage jars. You can complete the look with amber glass soap dispensers and other bathroom accessories from Kuishi. 

Here at Kuishi, we’re proud to promote sustainability without compromising functionality. All our products are designed with a conscious mind. Made from sand, soda ash and limestone, all materials are made from 45% recycled goods. The glass is also free from chemicals associated with plastics such as Bisphenol A or Phthalates. All our amber glass jars are hardwearing and washable, perfect for eco-friendly habits, refilling and restyling whenever needed. 

Our collection of glass apothecary jars is sold in sets to ensure a cohesive look or to give as the perfect, practical and environmentally conscious gift. Choose your ideal solution now. 

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