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Plant Spray Bottle
Plant Spray Bottle

Plant Spray Bottle

Designed for use around the house or as a plant-watering spray bottle for indoor plants.


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Our amber glass trigger bottle is convenient for storing away because of its rectangular form. The bottle's top twists off, making it easy to restock it with your preferred cooking spray, cleaning solution, or just plain water for your morning plant misting ritual.

There isn't a single one of our plant spray bottles that won't work for watering and feeding your plants. The spray pump has a BPA-free plastic pump and a 12-month warranty, and it's made in a way that's easy on your hand.

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The Perfect Fine Mist for your Plants

Looking after your plants can be a tough job. We made our plant spray bottles to mist your plants perfectly. Not too heavy but a fine mist that indoor plants love so much.

Best of all, the triggers are specially designed to reduce stress on your hand, making spraying a breeze.

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