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How The Office Group developed a sustainable sanitiser solution to service over 20,000 clients

Flexible and hybrid working is the future of working. Individual and collaborative working styles are finally developing. Many businesses are making excellent changes to get the most out of their workers while also ensuring they feel secure returning to the hustle and bustle of society.

Forward thinking, Considered Design

Over 50 unique offices spread across the United Kingdom and Germany make up The Office Group, which is home to one of the most innovative, progressive, and artistic workplace communities in the world.

Custom Branded Dispensers

Recognizing that individuals require more than just a desk to flourish, many of the locations also provide gardens, gyms, and fitness classes, allowing people to reset and replenish their minds and bodies.

Additionally, promoting hand hygiene to protect one another is critical for both businesses.

Kuishi has provided sustainable bespoke wall-mounted glass soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, which are utilised in all of their venues, serving over 20,000 people. We added a permanent organic ceramic printed label of The Office Group's trademark to the bottles in keeping with their design.

Our stylish range is intended to keep your surroundings Covid safe while still complementing any style or place.

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We can deliver our products worldwide and have establishments In the UK and Europe for frictionless trade within Europe.

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