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Why Our Products Influence Customer Experience

The design and functionality of a hotel's bathroom is one of the important components that can considerably influence visitor experience and satisfaction. Bathrooms and accessories are frequently overlooked, but travellers want to be comfortable and have a better experience than they do at home.

Sometimes the smallest details are the most important.

With the average person spending between 30 and 60 minutes per day in the bathroom, it's a crucial area to promote your green credentials without having to shout about it.

Our dispensers exude quality and leave an immediate impact. Adding your brand and feel to our dispenser allows you to subtly but effectively promote your eco-credentials and brand.

The Sustainable Edge's 2021 sustainability report demonstrates how essential sustainability is to travellers.

Some of the main findings include 83% of global travellers believing that sustainable travel is critical, and 61% saying that the pandemic has inspired them to travel more responsibly in the future.

Almost half (49%) still feel there will be insufficient sustainable travel options accessible in 2021, with 53% admitting they are irritated if a place they visit prevents them from being sustainable, such as by not having recycling facilities.

While three out of four lodging companies claim to have implemented at least some form of sustainable policies at their facility, just one-third actively communicate about their efforts to potential visitors.

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