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How to style and use storage jars in your home

Glass jars are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as storing food, holding craft supplies, or organizing small items. Here are some creative storage ideas for your glass jars

8 ideas for using storage jars around the home

  1. Pantry storage: Use glass jars to store dry goods like rice, pasta, beans, and cereal in your pantry. Label each jar with its contents for easy identification.
  2. Spice organization: Store your spices in glass jars with shaker tops. This way, you can easily see what spices you have and use them without digging through a cluttered spice cabinet.
  3. Bathroom storage: Store cotton balls, q-tips, and other small bathroom items in glass jars. You can also use them to store bath salts or homemade bath products.
  4. Craft storage: Use glass jars to store small craft supplies like beads, buttons, and sequins. Organize them by color or size for easy access.
  5. Office organization: Store paper clips, binder clips, and other small office supplies in glass jars on your desk. This will keep your desk clutter-free and make it easier to find what you need.
  6. Planters: Transform your glass jars into planters for small herbs or succulents. Add some soil and gravel to the bottom and you're good to go.
  7. Kitchen utensil storage: Use glass jars to store your kitchen utensils on your countertop. This will keep them organized and within reach while you're cooking.
  8. DIY gifts: Fill a glass jar with homemade cookies, bath salts, or other goodies for a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift.
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