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Five of The Best Places to Put a Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitiser at Work

With employees returning to the workplace, it's crucial to think about where and how you'll give them convenient access to hand sanitisers.

Installing hand sanitiser in strategic locations ensures that sanitiser is readily available, and most of all, you can be confident that you are helping to keep your team safe.

Learn more about where you can put hand sanitizer to make your workplace safer and more aesthetically pleasing for your employees.

1. At entrances

Encourage coworkers to sanitize their hands before entering the building or office. If a hand gel is at arm's reach as they enter, staff and guests are more likely to use it.

This is where our wall-mounted dispensers come in handy. Our stainless steel dispensers are simple to install and offer functionality and durability, supplying hand sanitizer where it is most required.

Because of their attractive design, they are not an eyesore and serve as a gentle reminder of the significance of a clean working environment.

2. On every desk

It is common knowledge that laptops and keyboards are not the most hygienic surfaces. Our refillable bottles make it simple to ensure that staff have their own supply of sanitizer at their workstations. Furthermore, purchasing hand sanitiser in bulk and refilling reusable bottles lowers waste and expenses associated with plastic packaging.

3. In the kitchen

With so many touch points and a constant flow of people, kitchen surfaces and products are easily contaminated. In kitchens, there should always be a steady supply of liquid hand soap at the sink. Additionally, employees should be reminded to fully wash their hands before eating or sanitizing with hand gel.

4. In meeting rooms

It is critical to minimise risk in areas where people congregate and are in close proximity. Viruses, for example, can persist on hard surfaces such as the boardroom table for several hours. As a result, regular cleaning and hand sanitizing measures are critical to keeping everyone safe. Providing hand sanitizer to personnel as they enter meeting rooms can thus assist in guaranteeing that everyone is following best practices.

5.Inside and outside bathrooms

It might seem obvious, but bathrooms are often overlooked. Placing hand soap bottles above sinks and supplied with your preferred liquid soap to encourage excellent hand washing habits. As a backup, it's also a good idea to put a sanitiser outside the bathroom door. As a result, everyone's hands are squeaky clean before returning to social areas.


It does not have to be tough to find hand sanitizer in the workplace. A wall-mounted and refillable solution can also save your company time and money while helping to reduce plastic packaging waste. 

Speak with one of our team to see how we can help you with office sanitizer solutions to meet your needs.

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