Using Less Plastic In Your Home

Using Less Plastic In Your Home

Using less plastic in your home is a great way to help the environment improve your health and save time and money. These simple tips can have a big impact of the environment and helping to cut down on plastic pollution.

  • Carry out own reusable shopping bag, I use a strong natural woven which has lasted me years!
  • Use glass soap dispensers to refill cosmetic products. I buy products in bulk to save money then refill them into glass bottles. These look so lovely in a bathroom, giving a clutter free look, without lots of plastic bottles.
  • Using glass jars to store food, you can add lovely labels to name the item or shown a use by date. these can look so lovely as a decoration in your kitchen.
  • Purchase food from local shops, for example the butchers, which the use minimal packaging. Going to the fruit and veg shop with a basket, no need for individually wrapping your fruit and veg, as we you get home store in a draw in your fridge or a basket in the kitchen.
  • Use only glass and ceramic plates, glasses, mugs ect. They will also last a lifestyle if kept well!
  • Using reusable food wraps, by using parchment paper pockets instead.
  • Storing leftover food in a tiffin tin or ceramic pots.
  • Carry your own reusable water bottle or coffee cup for when your out and about.
  • Decanting your washing up liquid into a glass bottle, looks lovely too!

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