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Kuishi wall-mounted dispenser holders and refillable bottles offer the perfect solution for establishing hand washing and sanitising stations in your workplace. Explore our guide below on where you should install hand sanitiser, keeping staff safe whilst creating a beautiful aesthetic.

1. At entrances

It is a good idea to encourage colleagues to sanitise their hands upon entering the building or office. Staff and visitors are more likely to use a hand gel if it’s within arm’s reach as they enter. This is where our wall-mounted dispensers make this simple. Easy-to-install, our stainless steel dispensers offer functionality and durability, providing hand sanitiser where it’s most needed. Their stylish design also means they’re not an eyesore and a gentle reminder of the importance of a hygienic working environment. A wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser at a bar

2. On every desk

It’s a known fact that laptops and keyboards are not the most hygienic surfaces. Our refillable bottles make it easy to ensure employees have their own supply of sanitiser readily available at their workstations. Furthermore, buying hand sanitiser in bulk and refilling reusable bottles, also reduces plastic packaging waste and costs.

3. In the kitchen

With so many touchpoints and a constant flow of individuals, it’s easy for kitchen surfaces and items to be contaminated. There should always be a constant supply of liquid hand soap at the sink in kitchen spaces. Furthermore, staff should be either encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands before eating or sanitise with hand gel.

4. In meeting rooms

It is important in spaces where people are congregated and are in closer proximity to minimise the risk. For example, viruses can survive on hard surfaces like the boardroom table for several hours. This, therefore, makes regular cleaning and hand sanitising protocols integral to keeping everyone safe. Providing hand sanitiser for staff as they enter meeting rooms will therefore help ensure everyone is following best practices.

5. Inside and outside bathrooms

The minimalist design of our wall-mounted soap dispenser holders makes them look right at home in any bathroom setting. Placed above sinks and replenished with a liquid soap of your choice to support good hand washing practice. It’s also advisable to install a sanitiser outside the bathroom door too as a backup. This, therefore, ensures everyone’s hands are squeaky clean before returning back into communal spaces. The availability of hand sanitiser in the workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Furthermore, a wall-mounted and refillable solution will save your business time and money, and help reduce plastic packaging waste. By installing hand sanitiser in key locations, hand gel is readily available and above all, you can feel confident you’re helping to keep staff safe.