Amber Plastic Spray Bottle

Look after your home and the plants around you. Our amber glass spray bottle is ideal for kitchen surface sprays and other cleaning products, or as a dedicated plant mister for hydrating indoor plants. The high-performance trigger delivers a high-density mist of product, perfect for essential oils and homemade, eco-friendly room sprays. The trigger is even compatible with vinegar, which many other spray bottles are not. The trigger sprayer can also be used for dampening hair and homemade beauty recipes, for example, a sea salt hair spray.





– Amber plastic trigger spray bottle: 250ml, 500ml, and 1 litre.
– Ideal for household products or for watering plants.
– Please note, if empty plastic bottles are left in direct sunlight and high temperatures, this can cause the bottle to deform.
– Disclaimer: Do not over tighten and screw the trigger head onto the bottle too tightly as this can cause the bottle to leak.