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Kali Mud Cloth Pillow Cover


This beautiful indigo colour is a natural way to add tone and personality to any room. Made from hand-dyed strips of cotton, this African mud cloth pillow is first soaked in leaves and other natural materials before being painted in clay to create beautiful patterns that have hidden meanings. This time-consuming process can take up to four weeks, with each pillow being created from scratch.

  Hand dyed in strips and sewn using traditional methods.

  Natural dying process using leaves and clay.

  Made from scratch by hand from 100% cotton.


  The symbols, patterns and colours are open to interpretation and often contain African proverbs and hidden meanings.


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1 review for Kali Mud Cloth Pillow Cover

  1. Chelsey Severyn

    Such a beautiful mud cloth cushion in the perfect shade of indigo. I love it!

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