Clear Glass Spray Bottle

The kind of bottle that never goes out of style. This clear glass trigger sprayer is a functional and durable bottle for products around the home. Perfect for surface sprays and household cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen, or even as a beautiful bottle for hydrating indoor plants when filled with fresh water. The nozzle twists to turn off, and top unscrews for endless use.

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– Clear glass trigger spray bottle: 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, and 1 litre.
– Ideal for household products or for watering plants.
– Made in the UK and Europe from 45% recycled materials.
– The trigger head is made from BPA-free plastic and is 100% recyclable.
– Please note, as bottles are made from recycled glass, imperfections may exist due to the manufacturing process.
– Disclaimer: Do not over tighten and screw the trigger head onto the bottle too tightly as this can cause the bottle to leak.