Amber Glass Printed Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

A classic for any bathroom. This set of amber glass refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles with printed labels is an elegant container for your choice of product. Our printed bottles provide a permanent, waterproof labelling solution making it easy to identify your bathroom essentials.





– Printed Amber glass soap dispensers (set of two): 500ml
– Includes labelled shampoo and conditioner bottle
– Permanent, waterproof printed labelling
– Made from 45% recycled glass from the UK and Europe
– Amber glass protects products from UV light.
– Please note, as bottles are made from recycled glass, imperfections may exist due to the manufacturing process.
– As bottles are made from recycled glass, this will means colour discrepancies can exist between bottles so please be aware no two bottles will be perfectly identical in colour.
– Please note: If the liquid has a strong acid or alkali, or has high salt content, the stainless steel may rust.