Soap dispenser pumps

Our high-quality soap dispenser pumps and caps are made from premium materials. Designed for a range of household and commercial purposes for long-lasting use. Pump dispensers, screw tops, trigger sprays and atomisers made to fit Kuishi bottles. Our pumps can be recycled and are BPA free

Kuishi Soap Dispenser Pumps

Our dispensing pumps fit 28mm bottles which are standard for the majority of soap dispensers on the market. Of course, they are suitable for all our soap dispensers.

Our plastic soap dispenser pumps are of the highest quality and suitable to dispense and a variety of liquids like soap, lubrications, conditioner, beauty products. No harmful plastics are used in our pumps and they can be fully recycled.

Kuishi Stainless Steel soap dispensing pumps are made from 304 grade stainless steel and come in a variety of finishes such as black, bronze, gold and silver. These pumps give a modern look to any dispenser