Glass Soap Dispensers

Glass soap dispensers provide the ultimate style and practical solution for your space. Savour your counter space, stick to your aesthetic and promote sustainable, conscious practices with elegant glass soap dispensers, suitable for bathrooms and commercial spaces. 

Refill with your favourite soap, skincare or conscious products to reduce plastic packaging waste. Our elegant, ergonomic bottles are the perfect solution and compliment any aesthetic. 

Soap Dispenser Bottles From Kuishi

Soap dispenser bottles are now an absolute essential. Whether you’re looking to achieve a cohesive and curated look for your bathroom or simply want to offer hand sanitiser to your customers in a conscious and stylish way, glass dispenser bottles are an ideal solution. 

Kuishi’s collection of glass soap dispensers are designed to save space and promote sustainable practices. Choosing refillable, elegant soap dispenser bottles means you can buy your products in bulk or in eco friendly packaging, reducing plastic packaging waste but without compromising on your style. Our bottle collections and wall mounted dispensers are perfect for guest rooms, hotel bathrooms, salons and beauty businesses, retail spaces, your home or your travels! 

Kuishi has carefully curated a collection of glass soap dispensers in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to ensure we can offer the perfect solution to suit you. Available from 100ml bottles to large round or rectangular shapes, our glass soap dispensers are the perfect way to complement and declutter your space. The glass is also free from chemicals associated with plastics such as Bisphenol A or Phthalates.

Choose from our token warm, amber glass bottles for a contemporary apothecary vibe or opt for a funky focal piece with our blue or grey glass bottles; Kuishi have a design to suit all different aesthetics and purposes. Even the smallest details matter, especially in the smallest spaces. That’s why our glass bottles have different pump colours and finishes to match the finer details of your decor.