Those you of finding hard to believe a Starbucks could be one of the most beautiful shops in the world could be forgiven when comparing it to the average Starbucks on your high street. Well, Milan’s new Roastery is unlike any shop or coffee shop I have been to in the world.

Located in the former Poste (post office) building in Piazza Cordusio it is Set across 25,000 square feet and features a Roastery, bar, wood-fired over and an augmented reality wall. The designers have truly created a magical coffee experience holding to true to the building and classical Italian design.

One of the areas you don’t see many pictures of and are often overlooked are the bathrooms. On this occasion, designers have created a truly creative space for customers to use crafting the bathroom from Marble, copper, beautifully lit and some very simple but elegant kuishi soap dispensers with black stainless steel pumps. Our dispensers were cleverly held in place by some custom copper pipping helping to keep the industrial feel. As the Milan store has been lauded as one of the most beautiful shops it goes to say that the bathrooms are too.


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