ATTRACTIVE Hand Sanitiser Dispensers for YOUR BUSINESS

Keep your CUSTOMERS hands clean with an elegant and long-term hand washing and hand sanitiser solution

Minimalist Design

Our holders are designed to complement your interior space, creating a clean aesthetic that blends into the environment

Reduce Plastic Waste

Our reusable pump bottles are easily refillable with your chosen product to help reduce single-use plastics and reduce costs

Two-Year Warranty

Our  wall-mounted soap dispenser holders come with a two-year warranty which covers against manufacturing defects

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Let's Minimise the Risk of COVID-19 in an Elegant Way

Hand sanitiser or liquid soap when you need it, where you need it in a design that both compliments your interior space and reassures guests.

Our Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers create a clean aesthetic and can be fitted to be in easy reach for dispensing liquid soap or hand gel sanitiser. 

The adjustable design securely holds a bottle of your choice or Kuishi Refillable Soap Dispenser Bottles for easily refilling, reducing costs. 

Hand sanitiser bundles


 The World Health Organisation recommends regular hand washing with soap or alcohol gel to combat the spread of coronavirus and access for people to be able to regularly disinfect their hands. 

Upon Arrival

Providing hand sanitiser for guests as they enter the accommodation to reduce transmission and spread of coronavirus

In Washrooms

The provision of refillable soap dispensers in washrooms ensures hand washing facilities are easily topped up and accessible to guest

Hand washing should follow NHS guidelines regarding method and length of washing. Guests should be encouraged to regularly wash or sanitise their hands, as well as before handling or eating food, after blowing noses, coughing or sneezing, or going to the toilet. Hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities should be easily accessible with reminders to effectively wash hands or use hand gel sanitiser and exercise good hand washing technique. 

Read our 5-step guide for cleaning your self-catering accommodation and making it COVID-safe for guests.

More information about keeping your accommodation COVID-safe can be found on the Government’s website and you should regularly check Government guidelines for the latest information.



Our wall-mounted bottle holders are made from high-quality stainless steel and are fully adjustable

Designed to secure almost any bottle available on the market from 250ml to 1000ml in capacity

Ideal for securing refillable bottles for dispensing hand sanitiser gel or hand soap

Soap dispensers mounted on the wall next to bathroom sink in modern washroom

Need a custom solution?


We offer custom printing, different bottle colours and pumps to suit your requirements