Amber Glass Soap Dispenser With Stainless Steel Pump

The contrast between the amber glass and the stainless steel creates a beautiful aesthetic. Designed with a range of metal colours to suit different styles of interior décor, this amber glass soap dispenser uplifts any bathroom. The bottles come in a range of sizes and the pump unscrews for easy refilling with your chosen brand of soap, reducing costs and the use of plastics.


  •  Amber glass bottles with pump: 250ml,300ml, 500ml, 1L.
  •  Stainless steel pump in black, bronze, gold or silver.
  •  Made in the UK from 45% recycled materials.
  •  Main ingredients (sand, soda ash and limestone) are sourced locally.
  •  Free from chemicals associated with plastics such as Bisphenol A or Phthalates.
  •  Amber glass protects products from UV light.
  •  Please note: If the liquid has a strong acid or alkali, or has a high salt content, the stainless steel may rust.

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