Easy and Effective Way to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose beauty product, using it will put you on the path of avoiding chemical based beauty products.  I love the fact that one product has so many uses. I keep my oil by my bed and that is the only beauty product I need there. There are so many benefits of this oil that I lose count! I use it to hydrate my skin and put moisture back in my hair. Plus it’s all natural so no contact with any harsh chemicals.

My main daily uses for coconut oil –

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturiser for face and body
  • Hair conditioning treatment
  • Hand and nail nourishment
  • Make-up remover (It’s even waterproof!)

I buy fractionated (liquid) coconut oil for easier use.  I but this from Naissance, an online supply of natural oils. This form comes in a liquid, which I distribute into an amber glass soap dispenser, so all I need to do is pump some product onto my hand, rather that solid coconut oil, in which you need to melt before using. I buy fractionated (liquid) oil in bulk in five litres which saves me time and money. The amber glass bottle that I fill with the oil sits on my nightstand, which looks so lovely instead of a plastic container! Also the amber glass helps block any light interacting with the oil.