Biophilia- Meaning “love of life or living systems”, Biophilia is the new natural trend taking the home design scene by storm.

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The above image was taken by Helga de Waal a very talented designer with a focus on green living based in the Netherlands. She has used a few kuishi products to create this image which includes our amber glass spray bottles and amber glass vases and storage jars.

Amber Glass Soap Dispenser Bottles

Amber Glass Soap Dispenser Bottles

I use amber glass soap dispenser bottles to refill my products, for a no plastic, no toxic bathroom storage. I believe in cutting down the use of plastic for storage will benefit my health and the environment. I buy my favourite beauty essentials in bulk and then decant them into amber glass soap dispenser bottles. This has saved me so much money and at the same time look so lovely in my bathroom, as a decorative accessory with no clutter. Using these amber glass soap dispenser bottles are prefect for decanting products. This means I do not have to buy endless plastic bottles, which is a great feeling to not be producing waste!

I use them for my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand wash. I buy products I know I’m going to use daily in five litre containers with a pump to distribute the product easily into the bottles. This is a great way to save money, as the five litre products last me a very long time. I no longer need to remember to put shower gel on the shopping list!

I choose to buy in bulk from my favourite natural beauty brand, Faith in Nature. All products are made in the UK, not tested on animals and are kind to the environment. I find their product to be very calm on my skin and at the same time do the job they need to do. I buy shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. They have a selection of products to suit your personal needs, for example shampoo for dry hair or oily hair.

These bottles help give your bathroom a minimal look, without the busyness of labels and logos. The amber glass is heaving in weight, giving a sense of true quality that will last. I think this is a great sustainable product that you will be able to reuse time and time again, instead of throwing away plastic bottles!