5 Reasons to use Refillable Hand Sanitiser Bottles in your Business

With the provision of hand sanitiser for customers the new normal, why not find a solution that’s kinder to the planet? Furthermore, reusable hand sanitiser bottles can also save money and add style to your business. As we make the move to ditch single-use plastics, refillable hand sanitiser bottles are the way forward. Ensuring hand gel is available, where you need it when you need it in a more sustainable way.

We’ve put together 5 reasons to use refillable hand sanitiser bottles and how reusable bottles can benefit your business.

1. Reduce Plastic Waste

A constant cycle of plastic hand gel bottles, disposed of and replaced after use, is not good for the environment. In making the shift to buying reusable hand sanitiser bottles and hand gel in bulk, bottles can simply be refilled on-demand. Our Sanitiser Soap dispensers easily unscrew for refilling with hand gel and it’s easy to source sanitiser in large quantities. We even have our own which comes in 5-litre bottles. It is this small change that can subsequently make a big difference in reducing plastic waste.

2. Create a Beautiful Aesthetic

Providing a hand sanitiser in your business doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Plastic sanitiser bottles are an eyesore and can easily be replaced by refillable alternatives that uplift an interior space. Our amber glass bottles create a clean and minimalist aesthetic and look at home in any setting. Made from 45% recycled materials they also have green credentials as well as stunning good looks.

3. Save Costs

By buying hand sanitiser in bulk, reduces the cost per litre and is more cost-effective. Furthermore, it also means there is less risk of supplies running out.

4. Reassure your Customers

Making hand sanitiser accessible and having it on display shows your customers you are doing all you can to keep everyone safe. Our wall-mounted bottle holders allow hand sanitiser to find a permanent home and be readily available at key locations. Further, our refillable hand gel bottles can be placed on tables or desks to always be in reach. For example, for diners to sanitise their hands before they eat or shoppers before they browse in-store.

5. Find a Long-term Solution 

Refillable hand sanitiser bottles are a single investment that is designed for long-term use. Our glass pump bottles can also be recycled when they have served their purpose. Clearly a more sustainable solution for your bank balance and the environment.

In summary, in reducing the plastic waste your business produces through sourcing reusable sanitiser bottles, not only can you be greener but more cost-effective. Refillable bottles are a smart choice, both promoting a more hygienic environment and offering a long-term solution to the provision of hand sanitiser. They’re also an opportunity to enhance your interior space and ditch unsightly disposable plastic hand gel bottles. So why not explore our range of refillable pump bottles and find a style that matches your interior decor? And start your journey to reduce, reuse and refill today.